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After a flare-up has cleared, the rash can leave behind dark, discolored spots on the skin.

This is known as hyperpigmentation.

For hyperpigmentation, Dr. Harlan says the following:

  1. Hyperpigmentation will always go away naturally, but there are ways to make it disappear faster.
  2. For anyone who wants their hyperpigmentation treated, Dr. Harlan recommends to first seek out a prescription treatment from a dermatologist or plastic surgeon.
  3. For any of Dr. Harlan's patients that do not want a prescription but still want treatment, he tells them to use 2% hydroquinone (available from online retailers like Amazon or pharmacies like CVS or Walgreens), combined with 1 application of SmartLotion® per day.

Do not use 2% hydroquinone for more than 3 months without dermatologist supervision.

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