Recommended Moisturizers

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Dr. Harlan recommends the following moisturizers, in descending order of level of recommendation

  1. Dr. Harlan's number one choice for moisturizing: HarlanMD's very own Perfect Repair ™ Clinical Strength Prebiotic Moisturizer!

Designed by Dr. Harlan with his atopic dermatitis/ eczema patients in mind, Perfect Repair™ features strong natural ceramides as well as a prebiotic blend to help fight the good fight against flare-up-inducing bad bacteria in the skin. NOW AVAILABLE: Click Here

  1. CeraVe® Cream
  2. CeraVe® Lotion
  3. Curel® Lotion - Original Formula
  4. Cetaphil® Lotion
  5. Aveeno® Eczema Therapy Lotion
  6. Moisturel® Lotion

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