SmartLotion® Isn't Helping Enough

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Some SmartLotion® users have reported that SmartLotion® is helping a little, but not enough.


This can be caused by the following potential issues:

1) Not enough moisturizing

Dr. Harlan says that the #1 reason his eczema patients aren't successful in their recovery is they do not moisturize enough. He instructs his eczema patients that they must moisturize at a minimum of 2x per day whether a flare-up is present or not.

2) Not enough SmartLotion® applications

In most cases, for facial rashes, Dr. Harlan recommends only 2x per day applications of SmartLotion® for up to 2 weeks. For atopic dermatitis (eczema), Dr. Harlan recommends 2x to 4x daily for up to 4 weeks for the face, and 4x per day for up to 4 weeks for the body.

Sometimes, the patient simply isn't applying SmartLotion® enough.

3) Needs prescription treatment for initial control

If Dr. Harlan has an atopic dermatitis patient with severe, thick eczema, he typically will prescribe something for initial control. Then, after the flare-up is clear, have them switch to SmartLotion® for maintenance and management.

4) Not enough time

Although many see dramatic improvements right away, it can take up to 4 weeks for a rash to show progress.

5) Rash is clear, but redness is still persistent.

This could be a number of issues, see the solution to 5) below.

6) Eczema is clear, but left behind dark spots (known as hyperpigmentation).


1) Moisturize a minimum of 2x per day. Be sure to read our article on moisturizing technique as well as Dr. Harlan's list of recommended moisturizers.

2) If a patient is not applying SmartLotion® enough, Dr. Harlan will recommend that they properly follow his instructions.

3) Dr. Harlan recommends that anyone who wants to use SmartLotion® should first see their dermatologist for diagnosis and supervision. A dermatologist will be able to determine if prescription treatment is needed.

4) Give it more time, follow the directions to the best of your ability. SmartLotion® is much softer than a prescription treatment (by design) so it can take much longer to work.

5) Read our article on persistent redness for more information. Note that there are separate articles on persistent redness for adults, teenagers and children.

6) Read the article in our knowledgebase on hyperpigmentation.

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