"My child's facial eczema is returning, even when applying SmartLotion® 1x per day"

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Some SmartLotion® users have reported that after applying SmartLotion® to their child's face 2x per day for 2 weeks, then reducing to 1x per day after that, the child's eczema is returning.

What Dr. Harlan Would Do:

In Dr. Harlan's practice he would recommend that mothers maintain the SmartLotion® 1x per day or less and increase moisturizing. Kids have to outgrow some of the facial redness tendency, so Dr. Harlan doesn't try to prevent all redness. 2x per day SmartLotion® for one week per month is OK. In this situation, he always recommends to increase moisturizing and use Perfect Repair™ cream at bedtime, or use the skin protective barrier Cavilon® Cream at bedtime which helps prevent friction from sheets irritating the skin.  When Dermatologists or Pediatricians order Eucrisa® ointment or Elidel® cream for atopic dermatitis, these products are helpful as non-steroid products, and they work well in combination with SmartLotion® used 3x per week.

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