Stinging: It's Part of The Healing Process

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In some rare cases, your skin may sting, turn pink, or increase in redness when first applying SmartLotion®. If this happens, please don’t worry. Eczema can make skin extremely sensitive, and the stinging/redness is your extremely sensitive skin starting the healing process.

The stinging/redness will decrease with each day of use, and lasts no more than one week.

Tips to Stop The Sting

Here are Dr. Harlan’s tips to reduce the stinging as your skin heals:

  1. Apply SmartLotion® only once per day for the first week, until the stinging stops or the application area stops turning red.
  2. Spritz the area with water before applying the SmartLotion®. This helps to relieve the burning sensation.
  3. Moisturize the area after spritzing, and before applying SmartLotion®. Regular moisturizing is critical to a successful recovery from eczema.
  4. Apply SmartLotion® after moisturizing. If the stinging is too intense at first, apply SmartLotion® to the skin around the eczema (but not on it) for the first couple of days. This will help to “ready” the eczema to accept the SmartLotion®.
  5. Briefly apply ice (up to 2 minutes) to the area afterwards.

If you follow these steps, your skin should stop stinging and/or turning red within a week after first applying SmartLotion®.

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