How to Modify Your HarlanMD Subscription

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If you are reading this article, you have either already signed up for a HarlanMD subscription or you are considering doing so.

Our subscription management service allows you to completely control every aspect of your subscription from a convenient, user-friendly dashboard.

From this dashboard, you will be able to:

  • Change your product subscription (change from a 1-pack to a 3-pack, for example)
  • Update the payment card on file
  • Change the shipping interval (so your subscription ships every X days)
  • Pause the subscription
  • Cancel the subscription

Unfortunately, accessing this dashboard is not very intuitive, which is why we made this article.

So, let's begin:

How To: Create Your Account

Important: For this step, you must use the email that you purchased the subscription with. If you can't remember, just reach out to Ashley or Cathy with our customer support team through the chat box on your desktop computer or call them during office hours. They will be able to tell you the correct email to use in less than a minute.

To create your account, simply follow the instructions in this video:

How To: Change Your Payment Information

We recently began accepting HSA/ FSA payments, as SmartLotion® is 100% eligible, and most people with these accounts would prefer to use them.

If you purchased your subscription and would like to change the card we have on file, simply follow the instructions in this next video:

How To: Cancel/ Pause/ Change Subscription Interval for Your Subscription

For a walkthrough of all of the management options that you can perform on your subscription account like pausing, cancelling or changing your subscription interval, please watch this next video:

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