How Is SmartLotion® Any Different Than Hydrocortisone Found At The Store?

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Despite our best efforts to inform our readers about just what makes SmartLotion® special, we are often asked why SmartLotion® is any different that regular OTC hydrocortisone.

We can't be upset at people for asking. That's what we're here for, and chances are that the reason they are asking the question is because they looked at our ingredients.

Right at the top you will find the line "Active: Hydrocortisone (0.75%) Purpose: Anti-Itch"

Followed by a (very important) list of Inactive ingredients.

You may be wondering: If hydrocortisone is the only active ingredient, how can SmartLotion® possibly be any different than any regular store-brand hydrocortisone?

Here are your answers:

  1. SmartLotion® is the only corticosteroid-containing product in the world that doesn't cause side effects when used as directed. Click here for more information.
  2. Although listed as an inactive ingredient, SmartLotion® is compounded with 0.5% sulfur, as well as 2 other key prebiotics. Not only do these prebiotics protect the skin against any potential side effects of hydrocortisone, they target one of the two root causes of all forms of dermatitis: noxious microbes in the microbiome.
    1. This prebiotic blend naturally improves the health of the skin's microbiome and reduces the prevalence of noxious microbes like yeast and staph.
    2. With the other root cause of dermatitis being the body's inability to control inflammation (which is targeted by the hydrocortisone in the formula), SmartLotion® is effectively the only product in the world that safely and affordably attacks both root causes of dermatitis.
    3. This leads to Dr. Harlan reporting that 95% (of the over 20,000 patients he has treated) have had "Good to Excellent Results" in the management of their chronic dermatitis and eczema.

The truth is, although SmartLotion® contains a less-potent version of the same active ingredient as that tube of 1% hydrocortisone available for $5 at your local pharmacy, SmartLotion® is absolutely nothing like OTC hydrocortisone in terms of effectiveness or safety.

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