Acne Treatment Irritation (Combination Skin)

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Irritation from acne treatments. Can be caused by a mix of sensitive skin and mild, underlying seborrheic dermatitis. This combination is a common skin disorder commonly referred to as "combination skin."


Dr. Harlan typically treats his teenage patients for combination skin/ acne treatment irritation by having them apply SmartLotion® 2x per day for up to 2 weeks.

After applying the SmartLotion®, Dr. Harlan has his patients apply a cold, icy compression for 3 minutes.

Dr. Harlan also has his patients reduce the frequency of applications of the acne treatment, then slowly increase that frequency as the patient builds his or her tolerance.

In some cases, Dr. Harlan will prescribe an antibiotic to be used alongside the SmartLotion® applications.


Dr. Harlan tells his teenage combination skin patients to maintain a routine of 1x per day SmartLotion® applications in order to maintain tolerance levels.

This is why long-term safety was so important to Dr. Harlan when he formulated SmartLotion®. For whatever maintenance schedule his patients require, he wanted to ensure that there would be no chance of side effects. Rest assured, SmartLotion® is 100% safe for long term use, as demonstrated in his peer-reviewed safety study.

To read Dr. Harlan's peer-reviewed safety study, please click here.

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