Information on Moisturizing When Applying SmartLotion®

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  1. Generally speaking, it does not matter whether the moisturizer is applied first or the SmartLotion®. However....
  2. Dr. Harlan generally recommends applying the moisturizer before the SmartLotion®, because the moisturizer can help reduce any stinging caused by the SmartLotion® application. For information on how to reduce stinging, click here.
  3. Both the moisturizer and SmartLotion® should be applied as a thin, disappearing layer. According to Dr. Harlan, the skin needs to "breathe."
  4. There is no limit to how many times per day you should moisturize. Dr. Harlan says a minimum of 2 applications per day is required for atopic dermatitis, whether a rash is present or not. However, more than 2 applications per day is not only allowed, it is encouraged. The more moisturizing you can do with a recommended moisturizer like HarlanMD Perfect Repair™, the better it is for your skin.

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