Persistent Redness of the Face (For Teenagers)

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After treating redness, scaling, and itching from dermatitis, eczema, or irritation from acne meds, your teen’s face tends to have redness that persists or comes right back.

Dr. Harlan's Recommendations:

Dr. Harlan has found that with his patients, SmartLotion® often helps redness to resolve sooner rather than later. Some teens have some redness that is related to acne or even acne rosacea. Some have a congenital form of flushing and red skin.  It’s important to get the opinion and supervision of your dermatologist.  

Ask yourself if the redness is related to irritating products. These are the most common types of persistent redness that teens tend to outgrow, and Dr. Harlan doesn’t recommend over-treating.  He most often recommends that his patients follow the guidelines for moisturizing atopic dermatitis.  HarlanMD's own moisturizer, Perfect Repair™ works great to prevent over drying. He typically recommends that his patients use SmartLotion® 2x per day for the first two weeks and then taper to 1x per day for the next two weeks, then taper to 3x per week after that.  He allows his teen patients to use SmartLotion® 1x per day as long as they need it for redness, pain or itching associated with using acne medications.  He also allows sporadically using SmartLotion® 2x per day for a few days at a time, as needed, for flare-ups caused by irritation, and reactions to foods.

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