Struggling with Elidel® Cream

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Before using SmartLotion®, you must read this disclaimer.

We recommend reading these general instructions on how to use SmartLotion®: Click here.

Stinging can occur when first applying SmartLotion®. For instructions on how to reduce the stinging, please click here.

Dr. Harlan recommends that anyone using SmartLotion® on their child do so with their Pediatrician or Dermatologist's supervision.

The FDA has not officially cleared hydrocortisone for use in children under 2.


Your pediatrician has prescribed Elidel® cream and your child is struggling. This calcineurin inhibitor is often prescribed as an alternative to topical cortisone/ steroid creams. But sometimes initial control is difficult.


Dr. Harlan recommends that his patients in this situation, with their pediatrician's supervision, apply SmartLotion® 2x daily for up to 2 weeks and simultaneously with the Elidel® cream.

He says to apply a thin, disappearing amount of each cream, then briefly apply a cold compress of soft, dry dishcloth over an ice bag.

After 2 weeks, he tells his patients to taper off the use of SmartLotion® and apply only as needed.

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