Infantile Perioral Dermatitis

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Before using SmartLotion®, you must read this disclaimer.

We recommend reading these general instructions on how to use SmartLotion®: Click here.

Stinging can occur when first applying SmartLotion®. For instructions on how to reduce the stinging, please click here.

Dr. Harlan recommends that anyone using SmartLotion® on their child do so with their Pediatrician or Dermatologist's supervision.

The FDA has not officially cleared hydrocortisone for use in children under 2.


Red scaling cheeks and chin, aggravated by saliva and rubbing the face on sheets or your shoulder. Infantile perioral dermatitis can occur and recur until the baby is no longer experiencing a lot of saliva.


Under a pediatrician's supervision, Dr. Harlan recommends that his patients first use a soft cotton washcloth moistened with plain water to wipe the baby's face clean 3x per day.

After wiping the face clean, Dr. Harlan has his patients apply a thin, disappearing layer of SmartLotion® 2x daily for 2 weeks.

For the repair of dry, irritated facial skin, he recommends that his patients first apply a recommended moisturizer before applying the SmartLotion® (2x per day).

For a list of Dr. Harlan's recommended moisturizers, click here.

For additional help, Dr. Harlan suggests to use a small amount of Desitin® ointment or A&D® ointment at bedtime.

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