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Before using SmartLotion®, you must read this disclaimer.

We recommend reading these general instructions on how to use SmartLotion®: Click here.

Stinging can occur when first applying SmartLotion®. For instructions on how to reduce the stinging, please click here.

Dr. Harlan recommends that anyone using SmartLotion® on their child do so with their Pediatrician or Dermatologist's supervision.

The FDA has not officially cleared hydrocortisone for use in children under 2.


Stubborn scalp scaling that comes and goes from age two months to six months. Often a form of seborrheic dermatitis.


Under a his or a pediatrician's supervision, Dr. Harlan has the parent of his patient apply a thin, disappearing layer of SmartLotion® 2x per day to the affected area of the scalp, for up to two weeks.

He recommends shampooing daily with a baby shampoo, then alternating each day with a zinc shampoo like Zincon® or Head & Shoulders® zinc.

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