Neurogenic Itch

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Spells of itching without rash, typically on the legs or arms. Often associated with stasis dermatitis.


Dr. Harlan typically treats his adult patients for neurogenic itch by first insisting on good moisturizing using a recommended moisturizer.

Additionally, Dr. Harlan asks his patients to apply a bag of frozen peas or ice covered with a thin, clean, cotton dish towel for 2 minutes for both the Neurogenic Itch and the itching from Stasis Dermatitis.

He says that Zyrtec at night and Claritin in the morning are also helpful for preventing or minimizing Neurogenic Itch. He has many patients take both.

He then allows his patients to add SmartLotion® 3x or 4x applications per day for 2 weeks.

Then, he has patients gradually taper to 1x application per day, with extra applications allowed for spells of itching.

This is why long-term safety was so important to Dr. Harlan when he formulated SmartLotion®. For whatever maintenance schedule his patients require, he wanted to ensure that there would be no chance of side effects. Rest assured, SmartLotion® is 100% safe for long term use, as demonstrated in his peer-reviewed safety study.

To read Dr. Harlan's peer -reviewed safety study, please click here.

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