How to Perform A Spot Check

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Do This If Unsure About Allergens Or Sensitivities

If you are concerned about any of the ingredients in the SmartLotion® formula, before applying SmartLotion® as normal, first perform a Spot Check.

To preform a spot check, do the following:

Place a chocolate chip-sized dollop of SmartLotion® on an area of the forearm that is completely unaffected by dermatitis.

If your skin reacts, send the SmartLotion® back for a full refund.

If the natural apricot fragrance is hypoallergenic, why even bother with a spot check?

In Dr. Harlan's 2008 study, he found that 1% of patients could not tolerate the sulfur in the SmartLotion® formula. Almost all of Dr. Harlan's patients who have had a negative reaction to the SmartLotion® formula did so because of the sulfur intolerance.

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