Can SmartLotion® Be Used As A Moisturizer?

Stuart Millar Updated by Stuart Millar

Unfortunately, SmartLotion® is not a moisturizer and cannot be used as one.

It has moisturizing elements to it, but Dr. Harlan has found that more often then not, his patients require moisturizing alongside their recommended SmartLotion® applications. For this we suggest our own Perfect Repair™ prebiotic moisturizer.

Some conditions like Atopic Dermatitis require 2x per day moisturizing while others don't.

If you find that you are using SmartLotion® and your skin feels dry, even if Dr. Harlan wouldn't typically recommended moisturizing applications for your particular condition, then you must moisturize.

In general, many types of skin issues can be helped by moisturizing. Often, the more, the better, although Dr. Harlan typically recommends 2x moisturizing applications per day minimum for dry skin.

Click here for a list of Dr. Harlan's recommended moisturizers.

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