Lip Chapping/ Red Lip Ring

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Lip chapping and a ring of redness around the mouth, with burning or stinging. Can be seborrheic dermatitis, atopic dermatitis or a mixture of both. This is a common skin disorder in teens that often flares in the winter.


Dr. Harlan typically treats his teenage patients for seborrheic dermatitis/ atopic dermatitis around the lips by having them apply SmartLotion® 2x per day for up to 2 weeks to the red skin area and the chapped lips.

He also recommends to first apply a recommended moisturizer 2x daily, each time before applying SmartLotion®. For a complete list of Dr. Harlan's recommended moisturizers, click here.

Afterwards, Dr. Harlan instructs his teenage patients to apply Vaseline® petrolatum or Aquaphor® ointment to the lips only (not the skin) in order to protect them and hold in moisture.


After 2 weeks, Dr. Harlan recommends that his teenage patients taper the use of SmartLotion® and only use as needed.

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