Persistent Redness of the Face (For Infants and Children)

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After treating redness scaling and itching from dermatitis or eczema, your child’s face tends to have redness that persists or comes right back.

Dr. Harlan's Recommendations:

Dr. Harlan has found that SmartLotion® often helps redness to resolve sooner rather than later with his patients. However, some children have some redness that they will simply have to outgrow. It’s important to get the opinion and supervision of your dermatologist or pediatric dermatologist.  Is the redness caused by irritation from saliva and sleeping face down?  These are the most common types of persistent redness that children must outgrow, and Dr. Harlan doesn’t recommend over-treating.  He most often recommends that his patients follow the guidelines for moisturizing atopic dermatitis, and also has his patients consider using a protective barrier cream at night called Cavilon®.  Perfect Repair™ moisturizing cream before naps is also important. He allows his patients to use SmartLotion® 2x per day for the first two weeks and then taper to 1x per day for two weeks, then taper to 3x applications per week.  He allows his young patients to use SmartLotion® sporadically for a few days 2x per day as needed for flare-ups caused by irritation and reactions to foods.

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