Cushing's Syndrome

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Cushing's Syndrome - Information from Dr. Harlan

Cushing's syndrome is very rare. It can be screened for by your primary care physician with a serum Cortisol test, from blood drawn at 8 AM.

Only theoretically could a very powerful steroid like Clobetasol cause Cushing's syndrome, and only if large amounts were used over large areas of skin for months at a time. Medication caused Cushing's syndrome would go away with discontinuation of the Clobetasol.

SmartLotion is the safest and least likely to be absorbed because it contains less hydrocortisone than over the counter 1% Hydrocortisone.

Dr. Harlan also tells all of his clients that they must be supervised by a dermatology professional, and they must have a proper diagnosis. They have also learned with large numbers of patients that 1% of patients experience redness or irritation from SmartLotion and cannot use it.

For more information about persistent redness see our article here.

If you experience persistent redness and cannot continue use of SmartLotion please see our refund policy.

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